Remember your first birthday present?
Do you stil keep something with you from your childhood?
Stil remember of that thing you cried loud about just to have it?

These are few of the things that we often tend to forget and yet we didn’t realized that its all where it started. When we first met, our passion.

It’s important to reflect on what we enjoy and value in life and we in Collector’s Hive want’s to provide a way to keep those valuable memories and brings you back to that very familiar place, on the things you love most and love doing with an open mind.

Collector’s Hive believes that everyone has a passion. Some may not be aware that they have one, but once found, will unlock the door to all sorts of goodies like happiness and fulfillment.

We in Collector’s Hive made it possible to connect people with passion of all kinds. Ranging from a wide variety of Toys to Breweriana, Tobaciana , Coins , Fashion and Trading Cards to the rarest and expensive Paintings, Petroliana , Furniture Antiques and Vintage Cars.

Have you came across issues when;

You forgot where you keep a piece of your hot wheels die-cast model?
Where in the world could you find the missing piece of a very rare starwar figure limited edition set?
Have a very huge collection of Tomica die cast cars, listing them on a spread sheet is freaking you out?
First time to engage on an item trade, so how can you build your reputation?
You have your own collection blog site? But no one really appreciates.
Where to find a fellow numismatists on your area?
You Just simply want to showcase your collection aside from your self and wife.

We in Collector’s Hive made it possible to manage and take care of these issues. Providing every one with a very comprehensive tool to keep and catalog every piece of collectibles ever made. Maximizing the use of the database and providing all necessary information’s and management tools to achieve every collector’s expectations, making it the ultimate free resource for the whole collectors community.

3 things that really matter to us

1.) Building a culture of trust and confidence.

Collector’s Hive aims to build a wholesome community that separates doubt to trust and confidence to uncertainty. In this ever-changing world it’s quite easy to showcase an item in social  media claiming you owned one, to sell or trade without hesitation because of the fear of scam. Collector’s Hive is breaking the barrier by initiating simple practices that builds trust and confidence over the whole community. Whether its as simple as listing or uploading a collection piece, uploading it along with an emblem is a simple way of showing the community of your clean intentions and of being proud of your collections.

Sometimes even without wrong intentions, it’s hard to build your reputation when you’re just a newbie collector and first time engaging on an item trade or selling. But Collectors Hive believes that every big things comes from the little things we consistently do  and the things that we do not, and this simple things when correctly initiated will become a practice and will progressively build a culture that we all has ever dreamed-of.

2.) Focusing on the things we love and enjoy doing with an open mind.

We value your time and effort. So we will let you enjoy listing your collections regardless how huge or small, we make sure you’ll enjoy listing them without stress, pressure and headache. We want you to focus on the most important thing you need to accomplish like looking for a missing piece from a variant of your collection, doing an item trade, looking for fellow collectors or just simply showcasing your collections to your friends and colleagues.

3.) Consistently Exceeds Expectations.

Nothing is permanent but change.

Collectors Hive will be consistently adopting from these changes. As long there are people with a passion, big or small, Collector’s Hive will definitely working on the field, just as busy as bees building their colonies.

A portal build for Collectors by Collectors. We in Collector’s Hive share the same passion, we also know what to expect, we are always willing to connect and we greatly understand.